Ternow AI creates precise and reliable maps from remote sensing data using artificial intelligence

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TrueHD Satellite Images

We have developed technology to improve the native resolution of satellite images by bridging the gap between satellite and aerial imagery. The best commercially available native resolution for optical satellite imagery is currently 30 cm. We offer improved high-quality 15 cm satellite imagery as TrueHD images for commercial purposes with the best quality in the market.

TrueHD Map

AeroSat Vector Maps

We create Vector Maps by solely using remote sensing data. The procession of the data with our proprietary algorithms challenges the status quo. Our AeroSat Vector Maps only require a fraction of the time and effort needed to generate comparable results.

AeroSat Vector Map

AeroSat Hybrid Maps

We have built technology to create instant situational awareness over a large region, w. Hybrid maps contain cm-level precision global coordinates of the static and dynamic traffic and infrastructure elements with unprecedented accuracy and speed, including but not limited to the different types of vehicles, ships, aircraft, construction sites, bridges, airport runways, dams, bicycles, and so on.

AeroSat Hybrid Map

AeroSat HD Maps

We help to pave the way for one of the biggest trends in the automotive industry: Autonomous Driving (AD). After years of research, we can build High-Definition (HD) Maps without the need to take pictures from the ground with global cm-level absolute and relative geolocalization accuracy using remote sensing data. Our 3D AeroSat HD Maps are based on remote sensing data, built with artificial intelligence, and provided in the OpenDRIVE® format.

AeroSat HD Map

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